Hi guys. Am looking for guys from kuria who can team up with me to start a kurian fm station that will speak our language just like others have done in kenya. I say so because media investors have shunned us despite that kuria is a big audience which cuts across kenya and tanzania of about 5 million pple. The radio will serve both kurians in kenya and the larger mwanza region in tanzania which is dominated by kurians. Its indeed a big market. If interested in the venture plis get intouch with me. Thanks.
LikeJul 18 at 5:47pm
Gee Nchagwa
talk to steven koroso so much talent going to waste in box me if interested
LikeJul 18 at 7:08pm
LikeJul 18 at 7:29pm
James Ikwabe
Ilike ua Idea Uncle...
LikeJul 18 at 7:34pm
Stephen Range
letz get started mura!umeona mbali tupo aisseh!
LikeJul 18 at 7:54pm
Dan Kibogo
how do we get in touch...I got a kuria pal who can make a good personality
Like1Jul 18 at 8:05pm
Daniel Wegesa Junior
@ waithaka ,i knw u ,you are an idiot thats y unatusi wengine,nkt.
Like1Jul 18 at 9:11pm
Daniel Wegesa Junior
Plz brother Ronald tuko pamoja,avery bright idea.
LikeJul 18 at 9:12pm
Ulfat Masibo
Amangana FM
Like1Jul 18 at 9:15pm
Rick Maseke Fred
Am a close associate to The Famous lady as far as KiKuria broadcasting is concerned, one Teresia Robi. Am sure she will interested to get back to airwaves after the death of Radio Star. Good idea, hatch it
LikeJul 18 at 9:20pm
Vostie K Maina
rashid call me for sales
LikeJul 18 at 10:12pm
Vostie K Maina
i am experienced in agency and direct
LikeJul 18 at 10:13pm
G-Master Masese
I can present
LikeJul 18 at 10:48pm
Rebecca Maroa
A brilliant idea! Google & get my abstract....
LikeJul 18 at 11:39pm
LikeJul 19 at 8:08am
Paul Tax Payer Gikaro
nice stuff... i am in...
LikeJul 19 at 10:04am
Sabai Fred
I suppprt u
LikeJul 19 at 10:39am
William Nyakogera
A good idea,I support it..
LikeSaturday at 11:21am
Ben Avaga
Agood idea,am going to inbox u with tips on strategy
LikeSaturday at 12:23pm
Rashid Ronald
Already i have the proposal for that radio station guys.
Like1Saturday at 4:45pm
Tezbrooklyn Masala
wow.......thats great and i like how people are coperating.........I'M INN
LikeSaturday at 4:49pm
Chacha Charity
very interested
LikeSaturday at 7:44pm
Samuel Nyamosi
Mura Rashid Ronald neke waya oraganya
LikeSaturday at 8:03pm
Larry Keen
I'm i allowed to talk bout my interest in the project?Im nt kurian bt a passionate community journalist.
LikeSaturday at 9:36pm
Pete Musembi
Go Rashid Ronald go! Why not? Nitajifunza lugha hiyo
LikeSaturday at 9:41pm
Rozy Sandey
What's the difference between kuria and kisii. They've always sounded the same Rashid Ronald
LikeSaturday at 10:37pm
Fay John's
very interested
LikeSaturday at 10:41pm
Mike Tacofa
Nice idea,i first thought of it- go ahead plz invite us for more. I hope your not only but pleasing us. I am in bro.
LikeSunday at 12:01am
Atoti Jaber Nyarsuba
Count me in n pliz call me thankyu
LikeSunday at 1:49pm
Franc Matty
Check www.weitofm.blogspot.com
If it catches ur attention, holla at weitofm@gmail.com
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